Research and Policy Development

The past few decades have seen tremendous growth in urban agriculture in cities around the world. Interest in local food is stronger than ever. Increasing pressures on the global food system will ensure that this trend continues and will force us to reconsider how we plan and organize ourselves in urban areas. How can a healthy and resilient food system be designed into urban spaces, including food production, processing and preserving, distribution, consumption and waste recycling? Advocacy groups, government, planners and developers must all engage in these issues to create new models for urban agriculture in the 21st century.

We can support research and policy development
in the following areas:

  • Local food system analysis and strategic planning
  • Municipal policies and regulations that support appropriate urban agriculture
  • Edible landscapes for public spaces
  • Food production models for urban areas
  • Integration of food systems into new subdivision and neighbourhood planning
  • Food production in sustainable landscape planning
  • Capacity building and program development for increasing urban food production

Our services include consulting, project design and management, research and writing, public speaking and training design and delivery in the content areas noted above.

In March 2010, we brought in Ron Berezan for a series of workshops in Sarnia-Lambton County. I was very pleased with the response from the participants. People were stirred by the possibilities that permaculture provides to help restore ecological balance in both their personal and communal lives. I hope we get another opportunity to organize another trip for him to Ontario.
— Phillip Penna, Co-ordinator, Ontario Environment Network