Thinking of making changes to your yard
but not sure where to begin?

A consultation can help you to develop a solid vision for your yard, acreage or small farm and can provide you with concrete strategies to help you bring about the changes you would like to see. Prior to our meeting, we will ask you identify the key goals you have for the consultation. We will then spend time together observing your property and exploring possibilities strategies for the changes you would like to see. Consultations may be a single visit of 60-90 minutes, or longer as required.

Ron’s design transformed a shady patch of neglected lawn into a beautifully layered natural system, with each plant playing a critical role. The result is a sustainable garden which requires little attention, provides an abundant source of berries and greens, and gives us a beautiful and restful spot for our hammock.Two months after Ron helped us install our first permaculture garden, and long before we expected a harvest, we are enjoying a delicious sorrel soup and debating when to collect the first, delicious fruit from our newly lush back yard.
— Donald Darnel, Edmonton

Consultations may include, but are not limited to
the following topics

  • Site assessments and observations
  • Soil observations and soil improvement strategies
  • Existing plant identification
  • Conversions of lawn or weedy areas to productive plantings
  • Strategies for enhancing biodiversity
  • Annual vegetable and herb garden planning
  • Perennial food systems including orchards and edible forest gardens
  • Integration of small livestock into the landscape
    (bees, chickens, rabbits, goats, etc.)
  • Integrated mushroom production
  • Hard-scape siting and planning
  • Rainwater harvesting strategies
  • Permaculture design planning for your property
  • Suitable plant species for existing conditions
  • Identifying and using microclimates
  • Fostering interconnections to the surrounding community and ecology
  • Strategies for reducing inputs of time and labour
It’s been almost four years since Ron reinvented our front lawn, and turned it from a patch of plain grass into a beautiful eco-friendly lanscape. As the yard has matured, it’s only gotten better. Our daughters love picking the wild strawberries, and the wild thyme and mint are great in the kitchen. And the yard is always moving and active - whether that’s bees hovering over the thyme, or the tall native grasses waving in the breeze. Even under a foot of snow, the yard always has something interesting to look at. We really couldn’t be happier about the work. Thanks Ron!
— Andrew Horton - Edmonton, AB

Are biodiversity, food production
and beauty important to you?

Where in-person consultations are not possible, we can offer consultations by skype or telephone.