Food, Farms & Forests 2018
to Feb 26

Food, Farms & Forests 2018

Cuba: Food, Farms and Forests 2018 will provide a unique opportunity to explore Cuba’s organic revolution in a manner not normally available to tourists. In close partnership with key Cuban organizations in the organic agriculture and permaculture movements, we will have direct access to the heart of Cuba’s organic transformation.

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Holistic Health Cuba 2016
to Dec 1

Holistic Health Cuba 2016

Experience Cuba’s world-renown holistic health
and organic agriculture!

Holistic Health Cuba 2016 will provide a unique opportunity for you to explore and experience Cuba’s organic agriculture and holistic health movements in a way that is not normally available to tourists. Working in close partnership with Cuban organizations in the health and agriculture sectors, we will have direct access to leaders on the cutting edge of Cuba’s agro-ecology and alternative health movements. You will not only learn about these movements, you will experience them directly!

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Permaculture Design Cuba 2016!
to Feb 29

Permaculture Design Cuba 2016!

  • Experience the incredible resilience of the permaculture and agro-ecology movements in the heart of Cuba!
  • Gain the knowledge and the skills to support the critical needs of your family and your community!
  • Earn your internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate!
  • Work hand-in-hand with an amazing group of international learners and passionate and inspiring Cuban permaculture leaders!

Over the past 8 years, I have had the great privilege of facilitating 19 different permaculture and organic farming programs in Cuba for over 300 Canadians and others. Each one of those programs have been a tremendous learning experience and have resulted in deep connections between ourselves and our inspiring Cuban partners. The agro-ecology and permaculture movements in Cuba continue to broaden and deepen and Cuba’s example to the world of how we can and must create a more humane and ecological food system is more important than ever! I am very happy to share with you the information for the Permaculture Design Cuba 2016 program planned for February 8 - 29, 2016.

While most visitors to Cuba spend their time enjoying Cuba’s wonderful beaches and rich vibrant culture, they do not have the opportunity to become intimately connected with the visionary people at the heart of Cuba’s local food transformation. By working side by side with Cuban permaculture leaders, this program opens the door for us into this fascinating movement and into the lives and hearts of our many Cuban friends. 

Please take a moment to have a look at the attached brochure. You will note that this program offers you an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate as well as a rare cultural immersion into Cuban life and society. I am very pleased to be working once again with Canadian permaculture teacher Javan K. Bernakevitch who will be the co-facilitator of this program for the third year in a row. Thanks to our longterm Cuban partners and colleagues, we have another amazing program planned for February, 2016.

Last year our program filled up within a few weeks and we had more than a dozen folks on a back-up list. Register soon and receive a $300 “early-bird” discount off the cost of the program.

I couldn’t imagine a more interesting time to be travelling to Cuba with such an interesting new chapter unfolding in the country’s incredible history. I hope you may be able to join us this year for this wonderful adventure!

Ron and Javan did an amazing job of leading this program. The warmth, resilience and innovativeness of the Cubans we met really blew me away and humbled me. I came away equipped with new ways of thinking, a big tool box of ideas and methods, and a network of amazing people that will inform and influence what will play out in my life.
— Naomi DeVille, 2015
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to Dec 3

Pre-IPC11 PDC - International Permaculture Convergence

The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is internationally-recognized, has 72 class hours and a very comprehensive curricula and on completion students will receive a Permaculture Design Certificate. It provides an introduction to Permaculture design according to Bill Mollison, the founder of the movement. The PDC is the base for further Permaculture work and study, including Advanced Courses and Diplomas. Several universities of the world give credits for this course.

As is tradition, one special Permaculture Design Course is offered before the begining of the main IPC event. This time, in Cuba, an international group of teachers will run a bilingual course (Spanish and English) and highlight the following elements:  Islands, cities, food systems, and energy towards building hurricane proof Permaculture Urban Systems. The course also includes the application of Permaculture principles to food production, home design, construction, energy conservation and generation, and explores alternative economic structures and legal strategies that support sustainability.

With the added benefit for the students to live and work together for 15 days before the main IPC11 events start, this course is also aimed to develop practical skills and reinforce collective vision about the challenges that Climate Change pose for our communities, especially the small tropical islands of the planet. The Cuban Permaculture movement has also made improvements to the sustainable chemical free intensive urban food systems that have been in operation in the country since the early 90´s and made Havana famous. Visiting some of our model sites is also part of the course.

Many people that pass a PDC say it is a life changing experience!
NO previous Permaculture Training is required.


About the teachers:

Ron Berezan, The Urban Farmer, Canada
Ever since his first "accidental garden" as a university student over 25 years ago, Ron has been exploring strategies for growing food in urban areas.

Brock Dolman, USA
Brock is a co-founder of the Sowing Circle, LLC Intentional Community & Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (, where he directs the Permaculture Program and the WATER Institute ( in Sonoma County, California.

Roberto Pérez Rivero, Cuba
Environmentalist, sustainability activist and educator. Roberto has been part of the Cuban Permaculture Movement since its introduction in the country in 1993.

Paulo Mellet, UK
After 10 years as an environmental activist, Paulo decided to focus solely on the positive solutions to our problems: Permaculture.

Eric Toensmeier, USA
Eric Toensmeier has spent twenty years exploring edible and useful plants of the world and their use in perennial agroecosystems. He is the author of Perennial Vegetables and co-author of Edible Forest Gardens with Dave Jacke.

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